Published and Forthcoming Papers

Digitizing Disclosure: The Case of Restaurant Hygiene Grades, with Michael Luca. Accepted at American Economic Journal: Microeconomics. (SSNR)

Aggregation of Consumer Ratings: Application to, with Ginger Jin, Jungmin Lee and Michael Luca, November 2017, Quantitative Marketing and Economics. Online Appendix
(Earlier ver: NBER Working Paper 18567, November 2012)

Banning Foreign Pharmacies from Sponsored Search: The Online Consumer Response, with Matthew Chesnes and Ginger Jin, Marketing Science, 36(6), November 2017, 879-907. Online Appendix.
(Earlier ver: NBER Working Paper 20088, May 2014)

Working Papers

Effectiveness of Paid Search Advertising: Experimental Evidence, with Michael Luca. (updated version, Aug 2018)

Work in Progress

Matching with Conflicts: An Application to the Advertising Industry.

Promoting Healthy Diet at a Large Chain Restaurant, with Ginger Jin and Ben Zou.

Inspection Design and Inspector Behavior, with David Becker, Ginger Jin and Phillip Leslie.